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Natural and Effortless Ways and Rejuvenate

your Body to Relax

Living life in constant busyness often takes a heavy toll on our health and wellbeing. Stress impedes with the natural working mechanisms of our hormones. Researchers found that most of our illness is due to the adverse effects of stress on our body. Living in a constant stressful environment is like riding your bike with brakes on. When we do this, we create more drag and waste much of our energy.

So we need to unwind and relax to have a more balanced life. Relaxation is a process that decreases the effect of everyday stress on our body.

Reasons why we all need some time to relax

Reason 1-

To de-stress.

Our bodies need rest from time to time to work more efficiently.

Reason 2 

To be creative and think better

Our brains work more efficiently when the body is at rest. When we relax,  our brain works cohesively with other faculties of the mind and spur us to think creatively and objectively.

Reason 3

To be Healthy

Stress causes high blood pressure, compromised immunity, delinquency, headaches, tension, and ulcers. But relaxation and rest reduce the harmful effects of stress.

Reason 4

To have emotional health

Relaxation will empower to have better control over our emotions and helps us to react appropriative to the situations.

Reason 5

To have good interpersonal communication and uplifting behaviors

Our emotions and attitudes have an effect on others either positively or negatively based on our current emotional conditions. When you are in a better mood, it’s easy for you to communicate clearly.

Natural ways to relax

Here are some of the ways you can relax even if you’re a busy bee.


Meditation is a great way to relax your body. It can relieve stress and anxiety in no time. After a meditation session, you will feel rejuvenated and puts you in a better state of mind.

Breathing exercises

Taking a deep breath can fill your lungs with more oxygen and sends you in relaxing mode.

Progressive relaxation

Progressive Relaxation is a process where you relax each part of your body by stretching and relaxing progressively. This is one of the great ways to fall asleep.

Creative visualization

In this method of relaxation, you will simply visualize thing that makes you happy.

Health benefits of relaxation

Lowers blood pressure

Reduces heart rate

Enhances cognitive abilities

Reduces to secretion of stress hormone, cortisol

Reduces pain and muscle tension

Boosts your immunity

Reduces fatigue and anxiety

Increases blood circulation

Improves concentration and focus

Health and Well-Being -The Keys to Happiness with Amethyst Crystal Mats

Amethyst Crystal Mats provides you holistic treatment with the combination of Far Infrared Waves and Negative Ions that warms up your body, increases blood circulation, improves immunity and keeps you happy and healthy.

There’s no doubt that nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining our health and well-being. But optimal nutrition isn’t the only element that impacts our physiology.

According to the new study called ‘psychoneuroimmunology – research done to establish the connection between the body and the mind,’ the separation between body and mind is largely an illusion only. See more

The entire thought process, our actions, and human morality is a direct result of our quest for pleasure. Pleasure is the active force in all human achievements. Our continued drive for pleasure has led us from caveman to the current technological we have achieved. And it will only continue to inspire us to new heights.

A Healthy Life is a Happy Life

A healthy life depends on how well our body and mind are in harmony with each other. A stressful situation at work or home will make you feel sick and depressed. This means having a stress-free life; healthy body plays a vital role in adding pleasure and joy to our life.

Amethyst helps you to be healthy and vital


6 Effective Solutions to Relax and Rejuvenate
using Gemstone Mats that are 100% Natural.

Natural Holistic Remedies for Reducing Stress
Related Symptoms, Eliminating Toxins and
Rejuvenating the Cells for a Balanced Life

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Natural Therapies to Enhance Pleasure and Happiness

Any Natural Therapy to be effective must have a holistic approach to maintain your health. Nature has a major role to play here. FIR Amethyst Crystal Mats is a natural product which is a confluence of ancient wisdom and modern technology. It is made of natural stones like Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline which emits the healing Far Infrared Rays and the rejuvenating Negative Ions that are very much similar to those present in nature.

The Gemstones used in amethyst crystal mats have unique properties to uplift your mood and outlook. The energy radiated by the Amethyst stone provides clarity to the mind and enhances emotional health. It does this by removing the energy blocks from the body.

Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone and helps to reduce the harmful effects of Electromagnetic radiation. It also helps in decreasing depression and stress and make life more pleasurable.

Researchers Say ‘Stress is the Antithesis of Pleasure.’

According to Francis X Brennan and Carl J. Charnetski, the researchers, pleasure can strengthen our immune systems and increase our life span. Read more

“In every way, stress is the antithesis of fun. It jangles your nerves, juggles a whole host of your body’s hormones and elevates your blood pressure. It also weakens your immunity to resist illness and disease.”

Expressing more emotional pleasure produces a healthy physiological response.If stress is the contradictory/antithesis of pleasure, then pleasure is the contradictory/ antithesis of stress. And the best way is to fight fear with fun, says Charnetski and Brennan.

Amethyst Crystal Mats Increases the Production of Hormones:


We experience pleasure when our bodies exude chemicals called endorphins that counteract the stress hormones. Endorphins interact with the opiate receptors in the brain and reduce the how we perceive pain. With high endorphin levels, we feel less pain and fewer negative effects of stress and anxiety. The Amethyst crystal mats have an incredible potential to increase the production of these hormones in the body.