Amethyst FIR Mat Therapy

FIR Amethyst Healing Stone Mats

Amethyst crystal amplifies the Far Infrared rays that help in Detoxification, Cell Rejuvenation, Pain Relief, Relaxation of the Body and Mind, Improves Blood Circulation and Strengthens the Immune System.   Amethyst FIR Mat Therapy.


 This technology is based on Nobel Prize–winning discoveries about the function of single ion channels in cells.

Amethyst Crystal Mats, a superconductor, delivers a robust and steady flow of FIR waves and other high vibration frequencies. Amethyst FIR Mat Therapy

Unique Properties of Amethyst Mat 

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Reverse the Effects of Degenerative Diseases, Speed
Up healing, and Rejuvenate Cells with Amethyst

Natural Holistic Remedies for Reducing Stress
Related Symptoms, Eliminating Toxins and
Rejuvenating the Cells for a Balanced Life

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Benefits of Purple Amethyst

Amethyst boosts vitality in the body, mind, and spirit.It has a detoxifying effect, to lessen hangovers and aid in the release of toxins from food, alcohol, and drug addictions. It helps put the user into a delta state of deep relaxation and healing.

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More Health Benefits:

Lowers the side effects of Type-2 diabetes by 46%.

At the Frazer Lake Community Health Centre in Canada, patients with Type 2 Diabetes were given 20 min FIR treatment, three times per week for 3 Months. Read more.

Supplements in fighting Bacteria

The Amethyst crystal acts as a catalyst in surmounting inappropriate bacteria from your body. It actually binds our source of good bacteria to resist the inappropriate and harmful bacteria.

Professional Use of Amethyst Mat

Both Boeing and Microsoft have incorporated Amethyst heated mats for the use of their employees. Physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists use them in their practices. Even a half-hour nap on a pad can provide profound benefits. Pet animals also can feel the effects of a 15 or 20-minute session on the mat. These are the benefits of  Amethsyt FIR Mat Therapy.