FIR Amethyst Mat Therapy- Hypertension Cure and Prevention Naturally

How to Lower High Blood Pressure without taking any Medicine

Blood pressure is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. Persistent hypertension is one of the risk factors for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and arterial aneurysms, and is the leading cause of chronic kidney failure. Even a slight elevation of blood pressure can lead to a short life expectancy.


The common causes of high blood pressure are Age, Family history, Temperature, Obesity, Overweight, Physical Inactivity, Smoking, consuming high levels of Alcohol, Mental Stress, and Diabetes.

Major Symptoms

Stroke, Heart attack, Heart failure, Blood clot, Aneurysm, Kidney disease, Eyes (hypertensive retinopathy), Metabolic Syndrome, Cognitive and memory problems are some of the complications of Hypertension.

Natural Remedies

No matter what medications your doctor prescribes to treat your high blood pressure, you’ll need to make lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) is a growing health concern since hypertension increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, which are the first and third leading causes of death in America respectively.

Here are some of the natural remedies you can use to control your blood pressure

  1. Adding fresh basil to your diet is easy and certainly, can’t hurt. Basil leaf extracts lower blood pressure.
  2. Cinnamon lowers the blood pressure in people with Type -2 Diabetes. Include more cinnamon in your diet by sprinkling it on your food, coffee and green tea.
  3. Scientists have found that flaxseed can dramatically lower blood pressure. Flaxseed protects against atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by reducing serum cholesterol, improving glucose tolerance and acting as an antioxidant.
  4. Ginger also helps in controlling blood pressure, as it has been shown to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles surrounding blood vessels.
  5. Add a few cloves of garlic in your regular diet which can lower your blood pressure by causing your blood vessels to relax and dilate. The dilation lets the free flow of the blood and reduces blood pressure.

FIR Amethyst Mat Therapy- Home Remedy for lowering your High Blood Pressure

FIR Amethyst mat therapy has a direct impact on blood pressure, as the Far Infrared rays (FIR) dilate and remove the blockages from blood vessels. In many cases, patients can forgo medicine after trying these Far Infrared Mats. The mats are made up of natural crystal stones i.e. Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline that promotes healing without any side effects.


Bring Sun’s far infrared waves and natural negative ions into your home with Amethyst Mat Therapy. It warms up your body, increases blood circulation, improves immunity and keeps you happy and healthy.

German medical researchers concluded one session of far infrared therapy for over 1 hour can have significant reduction of blood pressure.


Benefits of FIR Amethyst Mat Therapy for high blood pressure patients

Improves blood circulation and keeps blood pressure under control.

Stress, a cause of hypertension is checked by the use of Amethyst Mat Therapy.

Amethyst mat Revitalizes the biological functions of the cells.

Balances nerves and regularizes cardiac system.

Suitable for practicing Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure and chiropractic application

Best suited for SAD due to the confinement in rooms


Reverse the Effects of Degenerative Diseases,
Speed Up healing, and Rejuvenate Cells with
Amethyst Crystals

Natural Holistic Remedies for Reducing Stress
Related Symptoms, Eliminating Toxins and
Rejuvenating the Cells for a Balanced Life

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Transform your Body, Mind, and Spirit with FIR Amethyst Mat Therapy

Three therapies – FIR therapy, Negative Ion therapy, and Photon therapy – combined together set your body system right and normalize blood pressure. It is backed by clinical research.

How does Amethyst Mat Therapy work in lowering your high Blood Pressure?

You need just to relax on these Amethyst Infrared Mats. The infrared waves and Negative Ions dilate your blood vessels and improve the blood circulation. It clears the blockages in the acupuncture points treating the causes of high blood pressure.

With the increased flow of oxygen-rich blood, the cell metabolism is enhanced, and a better environment for tissue repair is created.

It also acts as an excellent source of Pulsed Electromagnetic energy. When the flow of blood is normal, the issue of hypertension is solved.

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