Amethyst Stone Mat- Relieve Asthma without an Inhaler

Natural Treatment for Asthma without Medication

Asthma is the inflammation of the airways of the Lungs. It is a condition where the airways are blocked, inflamed, swelling and produce extra mucus, resulting in heavy breathing.


The most common causes of Asthma are the persistent Cold flu, airborne particles like pollen, dust, pet dander, industrial dust, exposing to cold air, smoke, etc.


Difficulty in breathing often characterizes asthma, heavy breathing, Shortness of breath, cough, frequent respiratory ailments, rapid breathing which makes people impossible to fall asleep, breathing through your mouth, tightness in the chest elevated heart rate, wheezing, throat infection, flare,  etc.

It seriously impedes the normal way of life, especially for people living in extremely cold climates. Asthma is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Natural Asthma Treatment

Consume Clove with honey

Take 5-6 cloves and boil them in half a glass of water, followed by adding a spoon of honey. It is an excellent remedy for curing asthma at home. It can be consumed twice a day for beneficial results.

Ginger juice –great for asthma

Ginger is equally effective in asthmatic treatments. Make juice with equal quantities of ginger, pomegranate, and honey. Consume it 2-3 times a day for effective results.

Else, take one tbsp of ginger juice.  Mix it up with a tbsp of honey and two tbsp of dried fenugreek seeds. Soak it overnight and consume it every morning to detoxify your lungs.

Massage with Mustard Oil

Take some mustard oil and mix camphor in it. Massage with it all over the chest, till you get relief from asthma. Make sure that you warm the oil before massaging with it so that your chest feels the warmth and gets relieved quickly

Munch on a few Figs

Figs are another efficacious home remedy against asthma. Soak some dried figs in water, overnight. Eat them in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, drink the fig water for successfully treating the symptoms of Asthma

Drink Black Tea/ Coffee

Caffeine present in coffee helps asthma patients. Besides, it clears your air passage and makes way for air to enter and exit easily through those passages. If you are not a coffee person, you can opt for black tea. But, make sure that you consume not more than 3 cups in a day.

Add Essential Eucalyptus Oil to your inhaler

Eucalyptus essential oil can lend a hand in treating Asthma and relieving from the existing one. Put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a cup of boiling water and take its steam.  It will help in opening up the nasal passages and air passages so that air can pass through easily.

Amethyst Stone Mat for Treating Asthma

The Amethyst stone mat helps to treat asthma holistically and makes your breathing better with FIR Amethyst mat therapy. People suffering from cases of Bronchial Asthma can now relax and enjoy the freedom of breathing with the help of Amethyst Stone Mat.

“In the United States, the number of asthmatics has leaped by over 60% since the early 1980s and deaths have doubled to 5,000 a year”. Read More

Amethyst Stone Mat emits Negative Ions and Far Infrared waves which help your respiratory system work properly by improving the blood circulation and reducing blockages in the body.

Dr. Kyuo states that FIR Amethyst stone mat therapy in both Japan and China has proven to be outstanding for Asthma, as it clears inflammation and blockages. Read more.

Benefits of FIR Amethyst Stone Mat

  • Increases flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body including the lungs.
  • Detoxifies tissue and body system through induced perspiration.
  • Relieves allergic and sinus conditions that can cause bronchial asthma.
  • Removes the blockages in the acupressure points and enhances free blood flow.

Breathe Easily and Live Comfortably

FIR Amethyst Stone Mat makes breathing easy and comfortable by clearing all the blockades in the respiratory system.

Breath easily without an inhaler


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Breathe Easily and Live Comfortably

FIR Amethyst Stone Mat make breathing easy and comfortable by clearing all the blockades in the respiratory system.

How Amethyst Stone Mat is helpful in treating Asthma

It works very well in treating asthma without an inhaler.  When heated, it emits FIR (far infrared) rays that penetrate the body at a depth of 5-6“deep, and dilate the blood vessels.  Amethyst increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to lungs.

The heated Jade crystal emits Negative Ions, which help to counteract electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, and microwave ovens. It is also suitable for yoga, meditation, acupressure, etc., which is better for asthmatic patients.

Being a superconductor of negative ions, Amethyst helps the speedy recovery from asthma. With increased blood circulation and increased oxygen supply, breathing becomes normal.

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