Amethyst Crystal Heating Pad- Reduces Migraine and Chronic Headaches

Nature’s Way to   Migraine Relief At Home

Migraine is a serious medical condition with various types of symptoms as well as causes which vary from person to person and time to time . Migrane is more than a headache. A migraine including headache stem from several causes and it is found to be very common among many people especially women.  According to world Health Organization migraine is the 20th most disabling  medical condition all over the world.People who suffer from migraine are looking for an effective natural relief for many reasons.

*Prescription medicines are  too costly.

* They may be accompanied by some unwelcome side effects also.

*Prescription medicines may not be effective for every patient.

*Some prescription medicines may interact with other medicines the patient is taking for some other ailments.

While considering these problems, it is recommended to depend on natural migrane relief solutions.  But as many people think, we cannot guarantee that it perfectly foolproof.  There may be instances of having some interaction or side effects.  So pregnant and lactating women are not supposed to go for natural relief measures without consulting the doctor. A migraine or a headache may be sometimes the symptom of some other medical condition also. So anyone who wants to treat a migraine naturally is advised  not to take the information as a substitute for medical advice, but check with the physician, for the safer side, before starting the treatment

Amethyst Mat for Natural Migraine Relief

Amethyst crystal heating pad includes the powerful healing stones that cure migraine nausea and relieve chronic headaches just by relaxing on it. The Amethyst, Jade and the Tourmaline are all compiled into a single mat to promote your healing process and keep you healthy and happy.

Traditionally, Doctors treat the symptoms  by prescribing painkillers for instant migraine relief because there is no proper medicine available. Kenneth Mandato MD, an interventional radiologist at Albany Medical Center said:

“In America nearly 20% of adults 18 to 65 state they have chronic daily headaches requiring medication and most of the patients suffering from migraines frequently turn to medications that are costly and having side effects.” Read more

But FIR Amethyst crystal heating pad treat a migraine by altering the body's temperature internally and set the body system right. The elevated temperature eliminates a migraine completely and make you feel relaxed.

The causes of Migraine can be traced back to  depression, stress, anxiety, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease and much more. The Amethyst Crystal Heating Pad is the gift of Nature which can alleviate all these health conditions that lead to the development of a migraine.

The Infrared therapy and Negative Ion therapy combined together in a single mat that acts as an effective pain reliever without any side effects.

Benefits Of Amethyst Crystal Heating Pad

  • Relieves a headache caused by spinal stress.
  • Eliminates toxins and wastes that can build up and trigger a headache
  • Relieves allergic and sinus conditions that can cause a headache
  • Improves the serotonin level in the brain that helps in relieving Migraine
  • Enhances cell metabolism and absorption of magnesium
Negative Ions and Far Infrared therapy

How does Amethyst Crystal Heating Pad work's?

The mat when heated, emits FIR (far infrared) rays that penetrate the body to a depth of 5-6 inches. It improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain. So it provides instant migraine relief.

Heated Jade emits negative ions, which help to counteract electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, and microwave ovens.

Tourmaline detoxifies and removes toxins from our body while Amethyst helps to calm our mind and spirits and induce deep sleep, thereby provide migraine headache  relief

As a holistic treatment, the Amethyst crystal heating pad treats all the causes of a migraine like stress, depression, hypertension and anxiety by combining the three therapies of Far Infrared, Negative Ions and Photon Therapy.

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Get Amethyst Crystal Heating Pillow under Your Head and Migraine Out

Regular use of Gemstone Healing pillow is the best solution for getting relief from migraine.  This therapy was tried and tested by ancient Chinese and Greeks.