Fight Depression Naturally With FIR Amethyst Mini Mat

Uplift Your Mind and Enjoy Your Life with FIR Amethyst Mini Mat

The Amethyst Mini Mat is made of nature’s tranquilizing stone Amethyst, relaxing Jade, and healing Tourmaline which emits Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays in abundance. Fight Depression Naturally With FIR Amethyst Mini Mat

DO YOU KNOW? Depression is a mental disorder that is listed in fourth position of disability list and is expected to become second most frequent disease by 2030. Read more

Just relax on the FIR Amethyst mini mat and experience the symptoms of depression and anxiety fade away.

Release Endorphin (neurotransmitters) with our FIR Amethyst Mini Mat

  • Sweating clears up your skin, detoxifies your body and improves mood.
  • An amethyst heated mat generates FIR rays that help increase serotonin levels and reduces MDA (malondialdehyde).

“Endorphin’s are concerned in healthy prerogative circuits associated to activities such as feeding, drinking, passionate activity and maternal behavior,” said by J. Kip Matthews, PhD a psychologist. 

The Negative ions produce higher levels of serotonin to improve our mood, alertness, and other mental functions. This is considered to be Nature’s antidepressant. You can enjoy the same benefits of negative ions present in Nature by using Amethyst Mini Mat.


  • Generates FIR which soothes, energizes and improves your mood.
  • Stress, a cause of depression is controlled by the use of these mats
  • Eliminates wastes and toxins, creating a feeling of physical and mental calmness


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Format your life with FIR Amethyst Mini Mat and Say Goodbye to Depression.

Just by changing your Mat for some time and using Amethyst mini mat you can Transform your life from depression to Jubilation. Fight Depression Naturally With FIR Amethyst Mini Mat

How does it work?

Amethyst crystal, used in these mats, is found to be the most healing and calming stone present in Nature. Ancient Buddhist monks have used it for calming the mind during meditation.

Role of Far Infrared Heat in Amethyst Mini Mat

  • The Far Infrared Heat releases endorphins and lymphocytes, which are good for improving emotional states like depression and anxiety.
  • Far Infrared Therapy in Amethyst mini mat Inhibits Vascular Endothelial inflammation via the Induction of Haem Oxygenase (HO).  Read more
  • It helps relieve pain, regulate the hormonal system, lessens anxiety, PTSD, and trauma.
  • Far infrared rays stimulate the healing of nerves and muscle tissues, thereby reducing stress and fatigue.

Use Amethyst mini mat regularly to get rid of depression, anxiety, stress, pressure and sorts of chronic disease. It is also best suitable for doing yoga, meditation, acupressure and chiropractic applications that make you feel happy and healthy.

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