Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Far Infrared Heat Therapy Review:

Far Infrared is the heat energy emitted from the sun and can heat objects without any medium. The Far Infrared heat therapy in the Amethyst crystal mats generate the same rays using natural crystals. FIR Rays are invisible waves of energy that has the ability to penetrate all layers of the human body into the innermost regions of the cells, tissues, muscles and bone.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy was used from centuries with certain other terms like biogenetic radiation and biogenetic rays that were widely used in the popular literature. Read more

Far Infrared Heat Therapy is actually a Light Therapy as the FIR heat pass through the body, are absorbed and resonate with the cells of body. This process stimulates the cells and makes ways for nutrition absorption. Thus cells are rejuvenated and revitalized.

FIR Amethyst Infrared Mats for Pain Relief

FIR heat passes deep into the cellular levels with a gentle massaging effect and revitalizes the biological functions. So the peripheral blood vessels get dilated facilitating the free flow of oxygenated blood.

Health Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy:

Health Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Medical Treatments Using Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Medical Treatments Using Far Infrared Heat Therapy


In a study when Far Infrared Heat Therapy used in dialysis patients, it shows major improvement in blood flow. Read more

Why Far Infrared Heat Therapy?

Lack of Far Infrared can lead to many health issues. The Far Infrared Therapy uses the Far Infrared rays emitted by natural crystals to provide all the benefits of Sunlight without the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.


Why Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Increases the Body Temperature:

FIR light raises the body’s temperature. The elevated heat increases circulation via the dilation of blood vessels, so it does not increase blood pressure. FIR in Amethyst Crystal Mat penetrates past the skin and our insulating fatty layer and reaches 4-6 inches deep into the body.


Infrared rays

The heat resonates with the cells and invigorates them. The FIR transfers energy in the form of heat and the thermoreceptors in our skin responds to Far Infrared heat therapy faster than traditional heating pads, and the effects continue even after its use.

Natural Jade or Tourmaline further enhance the benefits of FIR therapy. The infrared rays emitted by FIR Amethyst Healing Mats vary from 8 um-14 um with an average of 9.5 um.


The Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy
for Detoxification, Pain Relief and Improved Blood Circulation

Natural Holistic Remedies for Reducing Stress
Related Symptoms, Eliminating Toxins and
Rejuvenating the Cells for a Balanced Life

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