Negative Ion Light Therapy

Negative Ion Light Therapy- Nature’s Best Antidepressant

The Negative Ion Light Therapy is a combination of light therapy with antidepressants that treats SAD (seasonal affective disorder) diseases and several other ailments. These are called the vitamins of air as it increases the flow of oxygen into the body. The Negative Ions or the air ionizers are odorless, colorless invisible molecules and are found abundantly near waterfalls, beaches, and forests.

Negative ions are positive for us

It is observed that they produce biochemical reactions and increase serotonin that acts as an anti-depressant.

Columbia University studies show that people affected by winter and chronic depression are relieved by this treatment. Negative Ions act as an anti-depressant and improves the mood. Read more

Health Implications of Negative Ion Light Therapy:


Used for Treating Diseases Caused By Ions Deficiency

People living in cities are confined to an indoor environment with more exposure to electronic devices which emit harmful positive ions. Lack of negative ions causes a number of diseases like insomnia, Chronic fatigue, neuralgia, imbalanced autonomic nervous system, anemia and much more.

Benefits of Negative Ion Light Therapy:


full health with negative ions

So how can we get more negative ions for better health? Is there any way we can find it in abundance.

Well, it is not practical for us to always be near a waterfall, beach or forest to enjoy the benefits of negative ions. Fortunately, Amethyst Healing mats generates Negative ions in sufficient quantity that heals you from several health problems.

How Do Negative Ion Light Therapy Make Us Healthier?

negative iona makes us healthy

Effects of Positive and Negative Ions exposure on the Human Body

negative ions exposure

We know that the negative ions are good for our health. The problem is that we cannot all live in the forest or mountainous regions or near the sea shore, where negative ions are available in abundance.

Moreover, if we absorb the negative ions from the atmosphere,  the efficiency is very low. The absorption rate is only 20 to 30 %. Use the Amethyst Healing Mats at the comfort of your home that has higher absorption rate.

Therefore FIR Amethyst Crystal Mats are the best natural alternatives for producing Sun’s FIR rays and Nature’s Negative Ions that promotes healing and keeps you happy and healthy.


The Far reaching effect of Negative Ions on the
Human Body for Reviving Cells and Building
Strong Immunity

Natural Holistic Remedies for Reducing Stress
Related Symptoms, Eliminating Toxins and
Rejuvenating the Cells for a Balanced Life

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Japanese Research on Negative Ions

According to the Clinical Research Report of Dr. Nagamo of Kumamoto Civil Hospital, the pain relieving efficiency of the negative ions has shown by its important effect on numerous headaches and Neuralgia test cases.

Negative ions and longevity
Japanese research on negative ions